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Monday, October 29, 2012


It would be amusing if it were not so sickeningly hypocritical and pathetic to see so many so-called Christians (Evangelical and Catholic) in America, rationalizing the Mormon Sect as somehow equal to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, just for political gain. It was not long ago that they were eloquently preaching to anyone who would listen how much of a false and deceitful sect Mormons are.

The so-called "leaders" and strong advocates of the Christian faith, notably Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Franklyn Graham and Pat Robertson, are now doing all within their power and influence, to make a Mormon the "leader of the free world.” And you know why? It has nothing whatsoever to do with Christian values or any principled position. Simply, they would rather support a decidedly anti-Christ candidate out of share, unadulterated hatred for a Black Christian who they have persistently vilified for over three years of his presidency. Even before that, who can forget the relentless attacks against this man for attending Reverend Wright’s Christian assembly? But, absolutely no problem with attending the Mormon assembly!Hypocrites!

Have no fear, Christ is still on the throne and He is not mocked; but equally, be watchful of the roaring lion…he is tricky and will even fool “the elect.”

Romney’s new mantra: “Let’s be strong, let’s beef up the Pentagon and expand the armed forces; let’s bomb Iran, let’s start a war, any war, let’s start a real conflagration in the world, while his five sons of fighting age, (one even willing to engage the President in fisticuffs), strut like peacocks all over the safe soil of America as the poor and the black, the true and the brave sons of the soil, are dying in Afghanistan to protect all the lofty sailboat privileges they sit  in their comfortable ivory towers and enjoy! Strong indeed!

Romney lies about everything, all the time; even for a politician he is an unadulterated, excessive liar. He is the "Father of Lies". Because of this deep character flaw, he is comfortable holding every position on any subject, and can change his argument, brazenly and unapologetically, to suit each new development, with total disregard for the facts or the consequences.  And he does, without flinching, causing one of his primary Republican opponents to call him “a highly lubricated weather vane.” His latest trick from his large bag of lying tricks is to take the lie label from his own chest and try to pin it on Obama, hoping this sleight of hand will go unnoticed, at least by the low information, unthinking bigots who are his “base”. (Actually, lest we forget, every one of Romney's Republican rivals in the primary debates, pointed out in clear terms or at least insinuated that he was an obsessive-compulsive liar. Where is the voice of these "principled ' mug-wumps now?)

Instead of encouraging Romney, Perkins et al should read him Psalm 101:7, “He who works deceit shall not dwell within my house; he who tells lies shall not continue in my presence.”

It is hard to understand Romney’s ways, unless you recognize the truth of Elvis Presley’s award winning prophetic song about him:

“You look like an angel,Walk like an angel,Talk like an angel But I got wise,You're the devil in disguise; Oh, yes, you are The devil in disguise”

I wrote the following as a poem years ago in anticipation of the emergence of just such a world leader as “this one”


"When the man comes, He will be As swift and silent As a tiger; He will leap into the arena Like a phantom.When the man comes, He will stand tall among men Like a samaan tree In a field of acacia; Men will gape, amazed, When the man comes.It will appear as natural As the coming of night; Many will be sleeping And taken unawares When the man comes.When the man comes, Men will be blinded By the brilliance Of his success; He will be from The common man, But will himself be The most uncommon of men. When the man comes, The weary world Will groan in wonder At the marvellous works He can perform, And liken him Even unto the Christ. When the man comes, Races and nations Will one by one Fall at his feet, Bowing in admiration. There will be A breaking down Of barriers And man shall  Feel secure In a world Sliding towards peace. When the man comes, It is written, He will deceive Even the elect; He will clasp hands of friendship With those closest to The True One He stands poised to fight; He will stand in the Holy Place And will with sleight of hand Perform great miracles He (and his wife) will, with nimble tongue, Draw all men into his heart, And men in gratitude Will draw him into theirs, Placing a laurel crown Upon his head As he denies their God; So will it be Long, long from now, When the man comes.

"But just when The cry of peace sounds, There shall be The proclamation of war Which ears will not perceive; Yet the noise will sound Like thunder in a clear sky, Like the horrible hiss Of the hidden snake, When the man comes; They will look But will not see, They will listen But will not hear; He will spread his branches And birds will make Their nests in them, And fall into deepest sleep. When the sun is setting We say good weather Is at hand Because the sky is red; And in the morning We say the rain will come Because of a darkened sky, But we cannot discern The signs of the time. Stand alert For no one knows the time, The day or the hour, When the man comes."


Is he here? I ask you.

Oh, yes, truly, you are the devil in disguise!

Of course, Romney will not win, but we must be sensitive to the shadows of the anti- Christ.

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  1. For my only comment please go to my video clip below. God bless and protect Presidet Obama and his family.