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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Act of God!

Michael White

I think the irony is lost to the Republican elite, as the Christians they claim to be, that they all derisively blame the disastrous loss of the election on Sandy – admitting that Sandy was an act of God!

If they are true believers, then “act of God” is not merely a term of art; it is a declaration that the Supreme One himself intervened at a critical juncture in human affairs and turned what others intended for bad into good.

That’s what happened when Joseph’s brothers tried to do away with him. God used the evil in their hearts for Joseph’s (and Israel’s) good.

This commentator has absolutely no difficulty accepting the Republican shame-saving excuse that Sandy caused them to lose the elections. Because it tells me that my prayers were answered by a God who is in the habit, still, of intervening in man’s affairs by opening any Red Sea, so that His people may pass through. (Doesn’t red symbolize the republicans?)

In their utter disbelief, they will continue the vain search for explanations and excuses, wilfully ignoring the Christian teaching that the God who sees and knows everything, is the One who sets up leaders and brings them down.

After all the gimmicks and subterfuges the Republican cohort have resorted to over the past four years to destroy Obama, you would think that after their decisive failure at the polls they would stop and take stock of where they now find themselves, and seek to turn over a new leaf. On the contrary they have become as obstinate as Pharoah in pursuing their ambitions. Has God perhaps hardened their hearts for good reason?

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